Full enthusiasm to create more beautiful products

Company Profile

Jiangsu Xinliyuan Nanya New Material Co., Ltd.Founded in October 2012, it is located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. It currently has 135 employees, including 42 technicians and senior technicians, 16 undergraduates and 3 postgraduates. The company has participated in a number of domestic and foreign highlight projects, excellently completed the designer's ideas, and was well received by the owners: the Santa Fe Museum in the United States, 300 Street in Australia, Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, and the Xinjiang Cultural and Sports Center.


The company's main products include fluorocarbon aluminum plates, hyperbolic aluminum plates, porcelain aluminum plates, enamel steel plates, etc.


We pay attention to quality and details, strictly control the production in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards, take customer confidence and satisfaction as the purpose, deepen system reform, implement workshop evaluation performance methods, and strive to make every product a sample-level product.


We keep up with market demand and introduce new products. In recent years, we have continuously launched porcelain aluminum plates, enamel steel plates, unit aluminum plates and 4D wood grain plates. In the decoration industry, Xinliyuan people always create more beautiful products with full enthusiasm and provide better services.