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Fluorocarbon aluminum plate

Product features and structure

Decorative aluminum plate is a universal product of the foreign protective structure of today's buildings. It has light weight and high strength; good weather resistance and corrosion resistance; strong plasticity and weldability, and can be processed into various beautiful shapes such as flat surfaces, curved surfaces and spherical surfaces; colors can be adjusted according to customer preferences, with a wide range of options. The decoration effect is good; the pollution resistance is good, easy to clean and maintain; the construction and installation are convenient, fast and recyclable, which is beneficial to environmental protection. It is suitable for decoration of external walls, beams, balconies, partitions, ceilings, interior decoration, etc. It is favored by the majority of users.




Product manufacturing process



Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

The metal curtain wall has been used in the world for decades, and it is still used in three types including aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel.

Aluminum veneer is generally made of AA1100 or AA3003 aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 2-4mm as the base material. It is formed by CNC hemming and other techniques. The surface is sprayed with decorative paint to meet people's requirements for the appearance color and weather resistance of the building. It is composed of components such as panels, ribs and corner codes. Because aluminum veneer can be processed into various shapes and its superior performance, it can be widely used in construction.


Material and structure of aluminum veneer

The substrate is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy plate, and its thickness is 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and other specifications.

Its structure is mainly composed of panels, ribs and corners.

The maximum workpiece size can reach 800mm * 1500mm * 2000mm (L * W * H)




Characteristics of aluminum metal plate

1. Rich colors, can meet the requirements of modern buildings.

2. Can be shaped according to customer requirements, with strong decorative effect.

3. Light weight, high strength, quick and convenient installation and construction.

4. Effectively prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and greatly increase the anti-aging properties.

5. The main component of the fluorocarbon polymer coating is KYNAH50 fluorocarbon resin. This fluorocarbon resin has a durable binding force and the molecular structure is the most stable. Therefore, it is determined that the products treated by fluorocarbon spraying can resist for a long time. Corrosion due to snow rain, industrial exhaust gas, acid rain, etc., can withstand severe weather conditions, and will not change color, fade, flake, burst, powder, etc., the service life is more than 20 years.

6. Lightning resistance: It can be used as a good conductor of electricity, and the huge current of lightning strike can be quickly transmitted to the ground through the building grounding system.

7. Environmental protection: It has strong low pollution, it is difficult to attach pollutants to its surface, it can keep smooth for a long time, and it is easy to maintain and clean.



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