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Enamel steel plate

xly During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties in China, "green glazed porcelain", which used porcelain clay as a high temperature glaze, was born, called "primitive celadon". Almost at the same time, the "Porcelain" technique of applying low-temperature glaze to metal tires appeared in Siapas, which does not produce porcelain clay. This porcelain-fired technology is applied through low-temperature glaze, which breaks the limitations of the original mosaic in color and artistic effect, and gives the ancient gold and silver mosaic art a new vitality. This is "primary porcelain". Later, it was introduced to China during the Tang and Song Dynasties. The Chinese absorbed the manufacturing technology of this enamelware and carried it forward through several improvements.
With the advancement of the industrial revolution, modern craftsmen have repeatedly studied and reformed the traditional enamel craftsmanship. From the decorative art enamel crafts that originally used gold, silver and copper as matrix materials, they have expanded to use steel and alloy as matrix materials. The practical industrial enamel material has created superior quality enamel architectural decoration products. As an enamel steel plate for building decoration that combines traditional culture and modern technology, it has far more durable characteristics than other metal decoration products and has become a new generation of high-end building decoration products in the future. xly
xly Enamel steel plate is a composite material formed by high-quality steel plate and special function inorganic non-metallic material coated with new type electrostatic dry powder coating and high-temperature firing, so that a strong chemical bond between high-quality steel plate and special function inorganic coating is produced.

Enamel steel plate-a new type of composite material in which inorganic glassy materials are fused on the steel plate and form a firm combination with the steel plate.


Characteristics of enamel

① Hardness of Mohs 6.0, higher than steel, lower than gem

②Scratch resistant, easy to clean, strong abrasion resistance, much higher than fluorocarbon spraying and powder unspraying

③ No fading, strong weather resistance, the color will not change under direct sunlight

④Acid and alkali resistance, insulation, non-flammable in class A

⑤Easy to install, using dry hanging system

⑥It can perform artistic expression on the surface, and the material performance does not change







Process flow



Performance Testing




Enamel steel plate blooms rich Enamel landscape painting


Test Report


Application: Hefei Metro Line 3 and Nanjing Tunnel

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